What to do in St Quentin

Saint-Quentin, Picardy

Visit Saint-Quentin and discover its exceptional architectural heritage, which includes Art Deco, Gothic, Neo-Classical and Flemish art, the finest examples of which can be found on “La Grand’Place” – Saint-Quentin’s main square.

A beautiful example of Gothic Art, the basilica is the only church in France with a double transept. In addition to its outstanding architectural design, it is home to numerous treasures, such as a sculpture of the Tree of Jesse dating from the 16th century and its 15th-century labyrinth. Another architectural masterpiece of St-Quentin, the Town Hall also boasts a magnificent Gothic facade with 173 sculptures.

The charms of the town and its traditional textiles industry inspired a number of artists, such as master pastel artist Maurice Quentin de la Tour, and Matisse, with the printed and colourful fabrics represented in his works.

A number of decisive events took place here during the First World War, and the town has preserved various sites and remains that perpetuate memories of the many countries involved in the fighting.

Located in the heart of Picardy, Saint-Quentin boasts an inland port. The surrounding area (known as "Le Saint-Quentinois"), made up of sweeping, fertile plains dotted with ponds, lakes, marshes and canals, is superb for pleasure boating!

Enjoy a stroll through the Marais d’Isle Nature Reserve: 100 hectares of greenery in the heart of the town, where you can observe a diverse range of wild fauna and flora.

Other things to see and do:

  • Maison de Marie-Jeanne (Marie-Jeanne's House)
  • Antoine Lecuyer Museum
  • Musée du Touage (Tugboat Museum)
  • Maison du textile (Textile Museum)
  • Jean Vilar Theatre
  • Roupy church
  • Mesnil-St-Laurent golf course
  • Horse-riding in Holnon
  • La Bul leisure resort (swimming pool, ice-skating and bowling)
  • Visits of the underground galleries and the heights of the basilica
  • Musée des Papillons (Butterfly Museum)
  • Musée Motobécane (Motobécane Museum)
  • The "Fête du Bouffon" carnival
  • Journée du Livre et de la BD (book and comic book day)
  • La Plage de l’Hôtel de Ville (a beach on the Town Hall square!)
  • Village de Noël (Christmas village)

To find out more, visit the tourist office's website: Tourist Office

Activities in the Aisne department

With nature, art, history and archaeology, the Aisne department has many things to discover. Travel back in time as you explore the treasures of our heritage! These exceptional sites offer an unforgettable journey through France's history:

  • Musée du Touage (Tugboat Museum) in Bellicourt (17 km)
  • Maison de Marie-Jeanne (Marie-Jeanne's House) in Alaincourt (20 km)
  • Maison du Textile (Textile Museum) in Fresnoy-le-Grand (21 km)
  • The family home of Henri Matisse in Bohain-en-Vermandois (27 km)
  • The fortress of the Dukes of Guise (35 km)
  • The Familistère in Guise (35 km)
  • The remains of the Château de Coucy (49 km)
  • The hill-top medieval city of Laon (55 km)
  • The Caverne du Dragon (Dragon's Lair) in Oulches-la-Vallée-Foulon (74 km)

The Routes of Champagne

Explore our region's heritage via the The Routes of Champagne. Visit the numerous wine cellars nestled among vineyards, small villages, churches and beautiful landscapes.

With 3400 hectares of vineyards, the Aisne offers breathtaking views over the slopes of the Vallée de la Marne. The various routes offer plenty of bubbly surprises and fascinating encounters.

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